InternFLi Artists is a boutique agency, based in Los Angeles. Its principals have worked with some of the greatest artists in history: Joan Baez, The Pixies, Fela Kuti, Taj Mahal, Davis Grisman, Kruder & Dorfmesiter, St. Germain, Mahmoud Ahmed, Gal Costa, The Doors, Nine Inch Nails, Doc Watson and hundreds more.

We now offer internships.  A minimum of 8 flexible hours per week, over a 4-6 week commitments is our preferred duration.

An interest or expertise in any music genre is welcome but not a requirement. Required skills include typing, speaking and writing servicable English, familiarity with the PC Office suite products.  Additional skills such as graphic design, social media marketing, video editing, French/Spanish/Mandarin fluency are a plus.

We’d be happy to provide you with college/university credit and letters of reference and recommendation upon completion of the internship period.  There is some pay.

Working with FLi Artists will provide you with experience in the following areas:

  • Planning and executing an artist tour.
  • Negotiation and contracting on behalf of artists.
  • A foundation in the nuts and bolts of the global live music industry.
Duties will include:
Research and data entry, assisting our lead agents with booking shows, writing contracts, office administration, and email communications. Other responsibilities based on experience and performance.We welcome all interested applicants to familiarize themselves with our site, SUBMIT THE APPLICATION BELOW and/or EMAIL US if you would like more information.Thank you!

*Please note that our internships are intended to be opportunities to be trained and developed in the business side of the music industry. Training as an intern does not guarantee a paid position within our agency or others.