Grammy nominated Zydeco innovator,  Corey Ledet’s versatile sound allows him to please any audience.  Backed by a full band,  Corey remains true to his roots and earnestly searches for ways to include them in his music. He keeps one foot firmly in the tradition while exploring surrounding influences in order to create the best of both worlds, and is able to infuse old and new styles of Zydeco into his own unique sound.

What critics are saying about Corey Ledet’s new album, STANDING ON FAITH:

“Ledet keeps one foot in the tradition of Chenier and Stanley ‘Buckwheat’ Dural while still exploring new styles of Zydeco.” (Richard Ludmerer/Making A Scene)

“This is a musician who has the potential to break out and take Zydeco music to levels not seen since the passing of ‘The King of Zydeco,’ Clifton Chenier. ” (Bob Gottlieb/No Depression)

“He continues to keep the timeless traditions of zydeco alive, mixing them with strong contemporary sounds that permeate the good-times vibe”  (Don & Sheryl Crow/Nashville Blues Society)

“Corey Ledet merges pop, funk, R&B, gospel, reggae and zydeco for a sound that is totally today, aimed at a younger generation, upbeat, completely danceable and yet, somehow tied to his roots in such a way that the blues related aspects are not completely lost on the shuffle…His blending of musical styles feels like a natural progression… I hear talk about growing in the blues.  This album has done a  great service to the music…be it zydeco, blues, funk, R&B, gospel or pop.  Finally, someone has figured it out.  This is well worth a good listen.” (Bill Wilson/Reflections In Blue)