Powerhouse collective invigorating Haitian roots and grooves.

LAKOU MIZIK is a collective of Haitian musicians who are blending Troubadou, Vodou, Rara and Urban Soul. With legends like master vodou drummer Sanba Zao, and young stars like Steeve Valcourt and Jonas Attis – LAKOU MIZIK is a thrilling bouyon of modern roots music!

African, French, Caribbean and American influences collide in Haiti like nowhere else in the world and LAKOU MIZIK draws inspiration from all of them. There’s the insistent spirit stirring rhythms of vodou drumming, the french café lilt of the accordion and the joyful percussive punctuation of the Rara horns – all mixed with scrappy, socially-driven lyric writing and a dash of Motown swagger. The end result is a soulful stew of deeply danceable grooves that feels strangely familiar yet intensely new and 100% Haitian.

Music is at the vital core of Haiti’s sense of self and musicians have always played an important societal role, both in documenting the country’s history and helping to shape its path forward. Today a young generation of artists is keeping this tradition alive, narrating the world they live in through music that is made in their neighborhoods, villages and post-earthquake camps. LAKOU MIZIK brings together these musical generations in celebration of the cultural continuum while using Haiti’s deep well of creative strength to shine a positive light on this tragically misrepresented country.

Over the past 3 years LAKOU MIZIK has been honing their electrifying live show in the clubs of Port-au-Prince – where their hours-long concerts feel like part spiritual awakening, part political rally and are altogether intoxicating. They have steadily building a passionate fan base and with their debut album set to release in 2015, LAKOU MIZIK is determined to bring their music to the world stage and represent Haiti’s hopeful emergence.

In Haitian Kreyol the word “Lakou” carries multiple meanings. It means the backyard, a gathering place where people come to sing and dance, to debate or share a meal. It also means “home” or “where you are from” – In the wake of the earthquake of 2010, the continued barrage of negative news and images, and the repeated phrase “poorest country in the Western Hemisphere,” the band, LAKOU MIZIK, or “Music from the Homeland,” is a defiant musical expression of Haitian pride and hope.