The Cumbia All Stars unite luminaries drawn from some of the major bands of the golden age of 70’s and 80’s Peruvian cumbia in a stunning and contemporary reprise.Almost like the Buena Vista Social Club of Lima…but with surf rock guitars and a touch of psychedelia!

Few musical styles have been so unanimously popular as Cumbia in Peru. Planting its roots at the capital´s suburbs among the children of immigrants and in remote cities of the Amazonian Jungle, its mesmerizing melodies have been in the air for more than forty years.

Cumbia All Stars is a tribute to such a phenomenon and at the same time a journey in search of the authentic sounds of Peruvian Cumbia. With its bold guitars and jerky beats, Cumbia All Stars dusts off majestically the best songs of the genre and innovates composing new melodies while remaining loyal to its traditional background.

In this project the living legends of Cumbia are present: great musicians who were involved in the creation of this new rhythm back in the 1970’s and who have kept on playing it during more than four decades.

The band:

Lucho Carrillo (vocals)
Lucho Reyes (lead guitar)
Fernando Diaz Loli (rythmic guitar)
Manuel Pecho (bass)
Dante Reyes (baterie & drums)
Enrique Yllescas (drums)
Ernesto Cadenas (congas)