CRANNUA brings together the talents of singer Moya Brennan (of Clannad), guitarist John Doyle, musical brothers Cormac and Éamonn De Barra and American singer/songwriter Ashley Davis.

This new and exciting group first came together in a collaborative set of special performances at the EXPO World Fair in Italy in

2015 and has grown into a band that has produced an album of contemporary tracks firmly rooted in tradition and yet infused with fresh ideas. A true culmination of musical connections coming together as one.

John Doyle’s innovative guitar arrangements complement Moya Brennan’s (the voice of Clannad) luxurious vocal blending, layering, and harmonies. The multi-talented, Dublin-born De Barra brothers — inheritors of the famous Ó Tuama family of musicians — add a strong historical element with their encyclopaedic knowledge of Gaelic foundations and writings. And singer/songwriter Ashley Davis brings a wealth of knowledge of the Appalachian and American Folk traditions, as well as a successful career in contemporary composition.

The result is a collaborative CD that ushers in a new genre, marked by unforgettable melodies, five- part harmonies, mellifluous arrangements, and twelve original songs firmly and deeply rooted on both sides of the Atlantic.