« From the countryside of the New World’s first free black republic, stripped-down Haitian roots music from the community of Petite Rivière Bayonnais, enthralling percussion, dance, call-and- response singing, work songs, Vodou preformances, and Holy Week rara music, beautifully recorded and packaged. Sublime. » fRoots

Chouk Bwa recorded their debut album in a small village in rural Haiti, a record that’s both raw and uncompromising. They play mizik rasin, properly authentic Haitian roots music – heavily percussive, adorned with call-and-response vocals, and infused with the scent and sensibility of voodoo. It’s music that refuses to obscure their homeland’s deep African heritage. As they themselves declare, these are rhythms that were “torn from Africa and secretly replanted in a new land”. But this “replanting” sowed a new identity. As such, the music of Chouk Bwa is a proud statement of Haitian culture, of a nation that’s known the hardest of times but whose spirit remains as tough as those ancient drums.