The Balfa name conjures up memories of the famous Balfa Brothers, who took their soulful music from the prairies of Mamou to the far corners of the earth. Balfa Toujours (“Balfa always”) is making sure the name will maintain its place for generations to come.

Led by Christine Balfa, daughter of the legendary Cajun fiddle ambassador Dewey Balfa, the group has taken generations of inspiration and created a vibrant sound all their own.

Since coming together after Dewey’s passing in 1992, they’ve grown from a band known for its youth and passion into pillars of the traditional music community not only in Louisiana but throughout the folk music world. They’ve recorded six CDs, appeared in numerous films and television shows, toured North America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, enjoyed front cover features in magazines like Dirty Linen and Offbeat, and taught classes in Cajun culture internationally, in both French and English. Balfa Toujours cross many boundaries and perform in a wide array of styles, from rocking dancehalls to crowded festivals to informative concerts, without ever losing the “joie de vivre” that epitomizes their culture. It is for this ability to unite it all and keep the soul intact that the preeminent expert on Louisiana culture, Barry Ancelet, calls the band “the future of Cajun Music.”

Christine Balfa may be recognizable to some from her appearance in the film The Big Easy. She grew up playing triangle with her father Dewey and absorbed music and language from the thriving culture around Basile, Louisiana. Her singing is full of the raw emotion that enables the best Cajun singers to communicate powerful feelings directly to the heart. She collaborates on many of the group’s heartfelt original songs and is the founder and director of Louisiana Folk Roots, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Louisiana traditions.



Live in Penang, Malaysia (May 2008)